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Giant Paper Clip

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Lay down the law in the office with the BIG CLIP!

No more sitting there wondering when oh when will someone take the standard paper clip and do something revolutionary. Well wonder no more, design salvation is here in the form of the long awaited BIG CLIP.

It may take you some time to derive from the name what this actually is. Let us help… it’s a big paper clip! This chrome plated giant paper clip is the solution for all those bags and coats lying around with no where to hang. Simply mount on a wall or door and there you go, not only a nice piece of great design, but functional too.

Our Big Clip measures 4 inches long x 2.5 inches wide x 12 inches tall.

More info: Giant Paper Clip

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Office Depot, Inc

Posted by RGS   @   21 July 2009 2 comments
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