Tetris For Real

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Eekk! Can you believe this? No more Gameboy needed.

This game challenges players to carefully balance tetracubes on a wobbly platform before time runs out and the platform begins to quake, sending the tower tumbling down. The game announces the color of the shape that must be played, and a player attempts to add that tetracube to the stack and quickly press the button to avert the tremors.

If the stack is inadvertently knocked over, you can ward off defeat by rebuilding the tower before time ticks away. The allotted time decreases after each round, and three levels of difficulty allow the game to be customized for different skill levels. Eighteen tetracubes come in six different shapes that are easy for small hands to hold and place on the platform. One to four players can participate at once.

More info: TetraCubes

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Posted by RGS   @   4 September 2009 1 comments
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Sep 4, 2009
8:31 pm
#1 kim :

this is kinda stupid
although i like the shapes

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