Toothbrush on a Sugar Rush

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Is this a mood altering stimulator under disguise?

Part robot! Part Toothbrush? BristleBot is a vibrating, battery-operated hybrid critter that is activated by a flip of the switch and quickly scampers across hard flat surfaces. Depending upon the position of the motor, our BristleBot will turn right, left, go straight or wander aimlessly in unpredictable patterns.

Decorate and personalize your BristleBot with wire and create a great pet (little mess or upkeep required!)

Pack includes BristleBot motor with loaded battery, hacked toothbrush, two coils of decorative wire and one additional battery for future use.

More info: Bristlebot

Star Wars Frog Habitat

Posted by RGS   @   14 September 2009 2 comments
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