The Real Truman Show

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Most of the readers know I live in Valencia, Spain and no you don’t have to be afraid me talking about Fallas again. 🙂 But I wanted to introduce you to two people living the live of a Truman. Couple of days ago a reader of my Valencia Tweets told me about this girl vlogging from Valencia. Turns out she just moved to Valencia and is filming herself every single day. And same does her boyfriend who is in the US to publish a daily video show.

So may I introduce Alli:


and Charles Trippy:


They have started filming 137 days ago. Each daily video generates over 100,000 views and their Daily Video Youtube Channel has over 80,000 subscribers ( even though Charles mentioned an other number but maybe I’m not looking right) and is growing daily.

The promise is to record and publish a video every single day as long someone is watching. And I think this could become really huge! Not just this show but this kind of entertainment. I think from a show like this you could even make a living. Film yourself, get sponsors and film some more and have a great life.

These guys already have sponsors and viewers send in tons of gifts. Not sure if they can make a living off it yet but they are on the right track and wish them all the best.

With that show the might gain freedom to do anything they want and Live any place they desire. AWESOME.

It’s like what we are trying to do with our websites ( Criticker, Lastminute Auction, Ireland Blog, Valencia Blog and my photography) to be able to move anywhere we want as long as we are connected to FAST internet. And we do have plans to take more advantage of it but for now we are saving up some $$$ and enjoying Valencia some more.

Back to to the Show. You can follow Alli and Charles on twitter as well ( <— links) visit their website or their Youtube channel.

Keep up the good work!!!

Here some random videos of their lives:

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Jan 31, 2010
11:59 pm

Hey, nice article there, and thanks for supporting Charles & Alli 🙂

Just to fill in a few holes… Charles and Alli work for Google and are partnered by Youtube so they make a living out of making skits and vlogging, which they do a great job of!

Also, Alli was staying in Valencia for a short time with her University, as part of her degree. So she doesn’t live there. She’s now back in the US and are now engaged.

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