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Sqweel – Sex Toy Gadget Giveaway

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In an earlier RGS I asked – How many licks does it take? Getting you excited for the revolution in female Orgasm. Here it is:


Did I promise too much? Rotating tongues in a nice and handy design.

World Exclusive! Sqweel ® is a revolution in orgasms! The sensational new patent-pending oral sex simulator has a wheel of ten teasing tongues that will lap you to orgasm time and time again. Sorry guys, you’re not even needed for oral sex any more!

Sqweel ® is a patent-pending sex toy for women (and their partners!) designed to simulate the sensation of oral sex.

Forget everything you thought you knew about sex toys – LoveHoney Sqweel is different. It doesn’t vibrate. It doesn’t thrust. It doesn’t just provide quick, semi-satisfying orgasms. Its unique wheel of tongues provides easily controlled stimulation at just the speed you need to deliver deeper, long-lasting, more ‘real’ sheet-clenching orgasms – whenever you want them.

International sex expert Tracey Cox says: "Sqweel feels completely different to a vibrator and while it’s not a tongue, it’s the closest you’ll ever get to it! It’s an entirely different sensation, so human it’s almost eerie. Own one of these and a vibrator and your boyfriend should be seriously worried!"

Who wants it? RGS is giving away one never used Sqweel for your pleasure.

What do you have to do for it? Well, first visit their site:


1. Scroll down and make a note on how many speeds this cunnilingus simulator is offering.

2. Promote RGS or your favorite RGS post any way you want. But you need to be able to proof that you made RGS a little more famous. Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr are just some ideas.

Then either email me jogi21**************************************AT************************* (without the stars) or leave a comment with the number of speeds and the url where I can see that you promoted RGS.

This will give you one chance to win this $50 value sex gadget.

I will announce one lucky winner (male or female) on October 28th.

Good luck and in case you want to be one of the first ones to find out when there is a new giveaway either subscribe to the RGS RSS FEED or follow me on Twitter.

Can’t wait for the 2 weeks to pass down to get your hands on a Sqweel?

Buy it now here: Sqweel

Posted by RGS   @   14 October 2009 3 comments
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Oct 27, 2009
2:56 am
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