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Bungee Jumping Birdfeeder

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bungee birdfeeder

Creative product design at it’s best. There are tons of boring birdfeeders out there bring some fun into your garden and these birds bouncing (if used with a bouncy string)

Guaranteed to get the neighbors talking and the wildlife squawking, the Bungee Birdfeeder is clearly made of strong stuff, but to be precise he’s a mix of 100% edible nutrition, including yellow millet in husk, red millet in husk, yellow broomcorn millet and red broomcorn millet. Think of him as man-shaped muesli for ravenous tweetie birds. Failing that, think of him as a pile of birdseed shaped like a bungee-ing bloke.

More info: Seedy Stuntman

- Cheap Books

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