Back To The Future Toy Car

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back to the future toy car 

Now is your chance in case the Back to the Future Car Auction on eBay was not in your budget you can own a smaller version of that time machine.

Ok, first, the doors of the Back to the Future Lights and Sound DeLorean open. And you can fit most GI Joe and Star Wars figures inside. Then there’s a button to activate one of the 10 sound and lights combos – from the engine starting up, to the time circuits engaging, to a "return from time travel to a screeching halt"! Plus, there’s a lever on the bottom. Slide that, and the wheels (with real rubber times) rotate into flying position. We could go on and on and one about the Back to the Future Lights and Sound DeLorean, but truth be told, we’d rather play with it instead. Zartan and 4-LOM are going to visit Plato today. Vroooom . . . pchew, pchew, pchew . . . explosion . . . back in time, baby!

More info: Back to the Future Lights and Sound DeLorean

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Posted by RGS   @   10 November 2009 1 comments
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