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Gay Attraction Spray @ Amazon

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gay attraction spray

Suck! I mean if I would have known about this spray when I was younger I would have sprayed and have the men come to me. Instead I thought I was the “only” one. Also good for pranking an uber straight homophobe! You will be in for a good ROFL! Just sneak spray him.

Natural Gay Attraction Body Mist using 100% Natural Aromatherapy designed to help bring Gay Men to you for sex and friendship.Spray it, go out & have fun. Can be sprayed on you or where you want Men to come to.Great as a pick up in clubs , bars, meeting places. Wear it daily and you will be surprised wher you meet other Gays and where you start picking up other men. This scent is designed specifically for Gay Men. Man To Man was created after years of study to naturally help Gays Attract other Gays.

One review goes like this:

I got this hoping it would end a long dry spell, and got a lot more than I bargained for. Before the UPS guy came around (yes, I’m a sucker for the Boys in Brown!) I applied a liberal dose of the spray. Well, it certainly got the UPS guy’s attention…. and my cube-mate, Bob, Chuck from accounting, the team of IT guys across the hall, my boss, HIS boss… I guess you can see where I’m going with this. I had to flee for my life.

I’m writing this from a women’s retreat center. They were kind enough to take me in until the spray wears off, but I’m not sure if they can hold out. The local high school boys swim team broke into the compound twice already, and we’re thinking of moving me out to the desert….

More info: Gay Attraction Body Mist

- Gay Bargains

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