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Only in the USA: The Creation Museum

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Mike is guest blogging – Yeah:


During our last visit to the States, Juergen and I finally made good on a long-standing promise, and ventured inside northern Kentucky’s Creation Museum. My sweet Christ in heaven, it’s as unbelievable as you’ve heard.

Any reasonably educated person would enter this "museum" expecting to be offended, but no one could truly be prepared for the scale of madness on display. We went, planning to be hilariously entertained, and left depressed. On the drive back home, Juergen and I hardly spoke. We just didn’t have the energy.

The Creation Museum is not a museum in any normal definition of the word. It’s a fun house ride. You start at the beginning, and follow arrows through the various exhibits, with no freedom to deviate from the path — you can’t skip things that don’t interest you, or jump ahead to things that do. I suppose that’s what religious nutbags enjoy: a pre-approved narrative; a path to follow, dictated by a higher authority. It’s diverting, but it’s not a museum.

I was expecting faux-science and ridiculous reasoning, and we got those in spades, but I wasn’t expecting overt racism. Did you know Adam, Eve and Jesus were muscular, sexy Caucasians? Their animatronics sure were! In an introductory video explaining the difference between Evolution and Creationism, we meet a kind, elderly white scientist, blessed with the wisdom of years, and a shifty little Asian. Guess which one is the dirty Darwinist!

The exhibits were utterly insane. My favorite described how similar species came to exist on different continents. Clear evidence of an anicent supercontinent, you say? Well, continental drift requires millions of years, and a good Creationist knows that Earth is just 6000 years old! Here comes the tortured logic…

"During the Great Flood, tree trunks floated to the water’s surface creating makeshift rafts that carried species to the different continents of the Earth".

Wow! Science is easy when you can just make shit up!

The depressing part about the "museum", though, was how crowded it was on a Thursday morning. Packed! Full of families, the elderly, and children. Schoolbus loads of children. I mean we actually saw multiple yellow school buses in the parking lot. There’s a whole generation of kids in America being taught this rubbish, as though it were fact. At every exhibit, hordes of wide-eyed kids absorbing junk science… "Canyons really formed in a matter of hours?!"

I wanted to whisper into every little ear, "These are lies".

I’ll be straight-up about this because it’s important: the parents who bring their children here are brainwashing them. The schools who bus children to this "museum" are permanently damaging them. I have no problem with religion, but there is a serious sickness with a society that can peddle easily disprovable junk as science. It’s wrong, and I have no doubt in my soul that the profiteers pushing this dog & pony show know it.

This kind of willful and well-financed push against knowledge could only happen in America (update: well, maybe not. Thanks Tracy!). I’d like to believe that this crazy evangelicalism is just a fringe of society, but it seems contaminate more and more minds every single day. The Creation Museum is proof of that, and it needs to be fought.






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Posted by RGS   @   26 November 2009 7 comments
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Nov 26, 2009
6:19 pm
#1 Tracy King :

Great article, but I don’t know why you think it’s only in the USA. We Brits have the Genesis Expo Museum in Portsmouth, England, and up until recently there was a creationist petting zoo (it was closed for welfare issues I believe). Creationism isn’t only an American problem, indeed in the UK we also battle with Muslim creationism which causes issues with medical graduates. We also have a major problem with faith schools and ‘academies’ which often have a creationist agenda.

Nov 28, 2009
4:30 pm
#2 beth :

Seeing something like this makes me sad to be an American. I love how Christians can justify things like incest and dinosaurs on log rafts crossing huge oceans. I mean honestly, as a society, where are we headed when we teach this tripe as fact? This reminds me of the movie Idiocracy. Check it out some time, it’s quite scary. The dumbing down of America is well on its way.

Nov 29, 2009
10:22 pm
#3 Cheryl W :

Thanks for your review. While I value your opinion, it is just that. Your opinion. No need to call us liars. Now more than ever I want to go to the creation museum to bring as many children as I can.

Have a great day,

Nov 30, 2009
1:37 pm
#4 Luc J :

I asked a creationist once, if God created Adam and Eve as Caucasians, where the Africans, Chinese, Indians, Pigmy and other people came from, if there’s no evolution? Or were they part of the animals at the creation? Still waiting for my answer, but they’ll think of an explanation eventually. Probably the Africans got a severe sunburn while drifting on their tree trunks, God didn’t yet create sun protection lotion.

Dec 9, 2009
11:11 pm
#5 Alison :

I’m glad to see that citizens of other countries are just as appalled at this travesty as all of us sane Americans are. If you go to Pharyngula ( you’ll be able to find plenty of discourse about the insanity that is The Creation Museum.

Feb 22, 2010
4:10 am
#6 ron :

No one disbelieves that change happens. The problem is that evolutionists want people to believe that there was nothing that accidentally became chemicals which accidentally became ‘bacteria’ which accidentally became people over millions and millions of years. This has not nor can it ever be shown to have happened. It is the promotion of a materialist (atheistic) philosophical view of the life. It is not science.

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