Never Clog Drain

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Please don’t try to insert any body parts. I know It looks tempting.

The PermaFLOW’s patented design ensures that you won’t need to open your drain, call the plumber, use harsh chemicals, get out your plunger, or wrestle with your snake the next time you have a clog–just turn the external knob on the PermaFLOW’s integrated, drain-clearing wiper to clear out blockage.

Also great for low-flow faucets, this "no-pain drain" has a unique shape that generates a surge of water that will clean your pipe, providing the extra muscle needed to flush unwanted debris and prevent the buildup that causes slow draining. This will not only save you from headaches, but it will also save water by helping your drain work efficiently at low flow rates.

Additionally, a clever bypass option lets water flow through the PermaFLOW’s upper chamber in case of an emergency buildup in your pipe, meaning there’s no down time and no waiting for your pipe to be serviced.

Link: Never Clog Drain

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