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Alien Cookware

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Is this how aliens cook their mussels?

The Foodpod is a cooking vessel designed as an easy and convenient way to quickly remove and drain foods that are cooked by boiling, blanching or steaming. Great with all foods; the Foodpod fully contains food for even and easy removal from hot water. The flexible silicone compresses to fit any size pot and for easy storage. The top of the Foodpod clips to the pan edge for easy removal. All materials are FDA food safe and BPA free. Foodpod is top rack dishwasher safe. 6-inch diameter and 5-inch tall.

More info: FoodPod

- All Day All You Can Eat Buffet

Posted by RGS   @   19 December 2009 1 comments
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Dec 19, 2009
7:35 pm
#1 Dale Waldt :

I just got one of these. It works great! I like to boil eggs once a week and put them in the fridge for my easy quick breakfasts. This makes it so easy. Boil, cool, put the whole thing in the fridge. But I found I need two of them, one for eggs and one for everything else.

– homechefguy

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