Human Powered Light Bulb

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human powered light bulb

I want human powered iPhone and laptops! But that human powered light bulb is definitely a step in the right direction.

Sure you’ve seen static electricity at work: static cling, bad hair days, a shock from a door knob… but now you can put all of that body electricity to good use and light a small neon light bulb! Body static electricity can be in excess of 10,000 volts… but amperage is so low, its harmless! Hold on to one of the light bulb wires and walk across your carpet, dragging your feet as you go. This builds up a charge of static electricity that discharges through the light bulb in your hand. You power the bulb! Try it in a darkened room to see the full glow.

More info: Human Powered Light Bulb

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Posted by RGS   @   30 December 2009 1 comments
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