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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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OMG – the day of giving and receiving love is right around the corner but that also means spring is not far. Which brings us to the fact that mating season needs to prepared.

Here couple of things which could and will help – starting with my favorite love gadget of 2009…



More info: Sqweel


Bleeding Heart Gummy Candy

bleeding heart

I love you too much I want to heat you!

Link: Bloody heart for munching


Confetti Vase

confetti Vase

Give the gift of science.

More info: Confetti Vase


Loving Horses Magnetic Shaker Set

horse magic shaker

This is how you do it.

Link: Loving Horses Magnetic Shaker Set


3-D Heart Puzzle

3d heart puzzle

First break the heart then puzzle it up together. BONDING TIME!

Link: 3-D Heart Puzzle


Heart Egg Molder

heart egg molder

Oh, I smell eggs – Thank you for making breakfast honey. Emm, I’m not even in the kitchen! Mystery of the egg smell!

Link: Heart Egg Molder


A Box of Wishes


More info: Semi DIY Valentine Gift


Love Heart Sky Lanterns

love heart latnerns

Set a heart or two on fire and let them huuiiiii fly! How romantic is that, he?

Link: Love Heart Sky Lanterns


Diamond Keyring


More Info: Fake but fancy bling


The Mutual Gift


Who will profit from it most?

Link: Guide to Eating Out while staying in

- Cheap Valentine Gifts for a Minging Date

Posted by RGS   @   27 January 2010 2 comments
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