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Barack Obama in Valencia, Spain

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Regular readers will know what’s going on. YES, Fallas 2010 is right around the corner!!! In case you don’t know what Fallas is, see here me trying to explain what Fallas is: What is Fallas? Just in short, Fallas:

Anyways, Obama was the public figure who got portrayed most and it seems like the Fallas artists general last year had their eyes on the United Stated of America which reflects in their many US themed ninot figures.

And the crisis had probably influence on the many very, emm sexual figures as well. Further down you will find a link to view the not censored and perverted figures :).

Here couple of the USA Ninot Figures and look out for that link:






Europa and USA getting married :)




Link: Uncensored and many more ninot figures

Get your Fallas accommadtion sorted: HotelsBnB’sHostels for Fallas

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