Kiwi Guard

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Safe and spoon in one. Awesome design!

The Kiwi Guard is a sturdy case that protects the kiwi against bruises it can sustain when brought along in a bag. The Kiwi Guard also holds a handy, green cutlery set to prepare and eat the kiwi whenever you want.

This makes the Kiwi Guard a useful accessory for every kiwi enthusiast.

More info: Kiwi Guard

Addicted to Kiwis?

Posted by RGS   @   24 February 2010 4 comments
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Feb 24, 2010
7:30 pm
#1 messenger :

Can’t believe this decadence… millions of people starve and some smartass invents how to turn precious oil into a “kiwi protector” that will most likely eventually end up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I hope Americans will learn their lesson soon.

Feb 24, 2010
7:33 pm
#2 RGS :

Not sure what this comment is about but emm … first off, it’s German design!!!

Feb 25, 2010
11:20 am
#3 anonymous :

It’s about wasting plastic. Can’t you just put your kiwi in an ordinary lunchbox you own. With a spoon. And with other fruits.

Dec 29, 2010
11:28 am
#4 Michael :

It’s not a waste of plastic if you like Kiwis. I’m going to buy two of them just because you guys cried about it. There’s much bigger stuff to worry about than a Kiwi protector…seriously…

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