Review: Testing the Sanyo VPC – CS1

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This tiny camcorder feels great and is super light but almost too light. Not sure how well it looks after it slipped out of my hand and hit the ground for the first time.

I still need time to get used to all functions and need to find the best way to edit and convert it, so I can get the max quality image quality out of the videos.

Below video I shot in 1920×1080 full HD recording 60 frames per second. This should enable me to take some decent slow motion footage as well. But let’s see.

Enjoy our little French Bulldog “Chucky” and right after I gave the macro focusing setting a try:

Going to take it with me tomorrow to film a Mascletà, to see how well it will balance the sound.

So far this tiny HD camera gets two thumbs up.

More info: Sanyo VPC-CS1

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Posted by RGS   @   3 March 2010 12 comments
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Mar 4, 2010
6:47 pm
#1 Usman :

So how do you think this compares to the Sony Bloggie MHS-CM5? I’m debating btwn the two since I see that the Sanyo doesn’t have a real 8Mp camera and records in 1080i not 1080p.
any suggestions?

Mar 6, 2010
6:03 am
#2 willia :

How does the VPC-CS1 do in low light? Thanks

Mar 18, 2010
2:12 am
#3 Mike :

I recently purchased one of these and for the most part I am happy. I am new to camcorders, but when I play back my video on the camera it lags. I’m using a crappy 256 MB SD card right now. Is this reason why I’m getting lag on my camera’s playback? Obviously I will upgrade cards, can anyone tell me what type of card I should get? SDHC? Class 6?

Thanks for the review and any help!

Mar 19, 2010
3:53 pm

I second wilia’s comment. How did it do in low light? Is just for flash or does it allow you to keep the light on?

Mar 25, 2010
2:35 pm
#5 RGS :

I will be posting something today about the camera in low light. But so far I can’t complaint. Donna, the light turns on ( if enabled) once you press record and stays on until you stop recording.

And @Mike … I have no problems at all playing the videos back in the camera but I also had to upgrade my memory card to this:

No problems at all now :) And 45 minutes of full HD fits on that.

Apr 9, 2010
3:59 pm
#6 paul :

I got this for easter, shot some pictures in Paris. Really small with good battery life. I found it a bit shakey and it struggled a bit with low light in the metro. But overall really good for size and price. I put video on u-tube – everything was shot in out of the box automatic 1080/30p – messing around with the controlls would probably improve lowlight performance.

May 5, 2010
12:05 pm
#7 Peter :

One question please:

¿¿¿¿Could save video with LCD screen closed????

Thanks in advance :)

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