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USB Breast Warmer

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USB Breat Warmer

brust waermer

Doesn’t look too sexy but keeps you snug and cozy.

Nothing can be worse than your breasts freezing over during the winter time when you are out with your bff in a park checking out other friends’ FaceBook page. The very thoughtful guys from Thanko Japan realizes this dilemma for all of us living in the Northern Hemisphere and came up with this brilliant Breast Warmer. Tuck the 2 USB powered Breast Warmer under your bra and make sure at least that part of your body will never get pneumonia. Rock on Thanko, you create the most useful USB gadgets mankind has come to know!

More info: USB Breast Warmer

- Make her Sqweel aka how many licks does it take gadget

Posted by RGS   @   12 March 2010 1 comments
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Mar 27, 2010
12:41 am
#1 $@m :

Don’t go to bed when your nipples are so hard they can cut glass. Warm them up first with this new great product tailor-made to fit your breast, all the way from China.

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