Sanyo VPC-CS 1 Low Light and Extreme Situations

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I got the Sanyo HD camera now for over 3 weeks now and my verdict is … Yes, I totally recommend this camera. Even thought I reached 1 or 2 edges.

The great things are … stereo sound, great quality, small size, long battery life and easy to use.

The main problem I have with this camera though is the choppy, bubble, robo sound in extreme noise situation like in the video of a Mascletà below. It handles the sound pretty well until it gets really nuts starting at minute 5:26.

Lucky for the normal user, this will be not an issue 😉

Some readers asked about how the camera is dealing with low light situations. Here some different examples in low light and in firework mode.

Here some footage with the LED lamp on:

All together not bad, considering the size and the price.

Someone else bought the camera but complained about choppy playback on the camera itself. But I upgraded my memory card to this and I have no problems at all with that.

I can just recommend to anyone this camera. Also, the size will give you no excuse to take this fellow with you anywhere you go.

Next I will be posting a video I took in 60fps, creating a slowmotion video shot with the Sanyo VPC-CS1.

Anything else you want me test?

The camera is available here: USA, UK, Deutschland and Spain

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Posted by RGS   @   25 March 2010 8 comments
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Mar 25, 2010
4:08 pm

This cam is so damn sexy!

Apr 10, 2010
4:26 pm
#2 houb :

Hello and thanks for this test.

I own a xacti hd1000 cam since a few years.
I can now say that from my point of view the HD1000 is too big to be handled like the cs1. You can take with you anywhere but you need a bag.

Well, the main issue of the hd1000 for me is the image statilisation. That’s the thing that I’m interested in with the CS1 too.
It seem not better than the hd1000 ! not perfect, but less shaky

I don’t see in your videos if you’re moving fastly, or if you’re holding your can with one or two hands (two hands helps to prefent shacking, but it’s less comfortable).

Can you please confirm or infirm that this camera is acceptable when you shoot while walking ?

Thank you very much.


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