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Confession Teddy Bear

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Now we need the confession blow-up sex doll for husbands.

The Tell Me Your Secrets Bear is an adorable plush that will be your wee geek’s closest confidante. When hugged, he’ll profess his love for your child, and stress that friends always share their secrets. He’ll ask, "Do you have a secret, best friend? You can tell me anything." When the bear completes a trigger phrase, the audio and video turns on, recording your child’s secrets, which are then wirelessly transmitted to you via email (or your Twitter/Facebook accounts).

Of course, mostly you’ll hear things like, "I really wish Mommy would cook more bacon", "Why do I have two daddies?" or "Is this real life?", but every once in a while, you’ll get valuable intelligence that will help you become a more casually despotic parent. Sleep better knowing that Tell Me Your Secrets Bear is in your corner.

More info: Confession Cuddle Bear

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