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Dual Sex Showerhead

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dual sex shower head

So handy – you come clean out of the shower after acting all sexy. True time saver.

Never freeze again with this double shower head! It’s happened to us all – you’re in the shower with your partner and one of you is freezing, the other boiling!

Perfect for those frisky moments in the shower, this double shower head will keep you both suitably warm and wet.

With 4 settings: Full body spray ( both heads), pulsating massage ( both head), full body spray / pulsating massage ( one head of each) and body spray / pulsating massage (both heads with combined settings) this unit is perfect for couples or on your own for a full on shower experience.

More info: Dual Sex Showerhead

- Bringing Sexy Back

Posted by RGS   @   5 April 2010 1 comments
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