Dog Brain Trainer

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dog brain trainer

Yeah – now the owners must be smart enough to prepare those for some fun dog brain training.

If you want to really test your dog’s intelligence, we recommend these three games. Each one is a little different, but all are fun ways to keep your dog occupied and mentally stimulated. Hide the treats in the compartments, place the bones in their slots, give it a little twist, and leave it for your dog to figure out.

We should mention games like these are excellent for dogs with separation anxiety. All the hard work to get to the treats will keep your anxious pup busy, preventing their brain from entering that dangerous CHEW UP EVERYTHING mode. In the meantime, if someone has both a Poodle and a Basset Hound, we’d like to know who is REALLY smarter in a battle of Interactive Intelligence Games!

More info: Dog Brain Train Games

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