Segovia, Spain

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Hotels and Hostels in Segovia


If you ever decide to visit Spain, come as long as you can. If you think 2 weeks will be enough .. think again!!! I mean Valencia, Barcelona, Granada are already more than a mouth- and handful. You can’t rush through those cities otherwise you will choke! We almost choked on Segovia because we tried to see all within just 2 days. We managed, barely!

Enjoy the videos and pictures (see links below)

Here the second Part: Segovia II

(Anyone knows what I’m doing wrong with panning with the Canon 7d? Always seems too jumpy!)

And here some pics:





More pictures here and here.

Hotels and Hostels in Segovia

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Posted by RGS   @   29 April 2010 2 comments
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Apr 30, 2010
6:23 pm
#1 Thom :

Are you just holding it with your hands? Because that will always show a certain amount of shake. A good tripod or monopod will help cut down on that, but for real freedom of movement you should look into a steadycam rig. I’ve seen some DIY ones that seem to do the trick.

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