Terminator VS Apple

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Poor little Terminator ends up in the streets and blaming Apple for it.

The thing with Apple … I think I’m done with them. I’m very thankful for the iPhone but only because it was like a kick in the butt for the other mobile phone companies. What pushed me over the edge was Steve Job’s announcement what he thinks about Flash. I mean it’s so obvious, with flash the consumer can enjoy free content which Apple can’t control or earn money from. Of course it is in Apple’s interest to eliminate flash …duh.

I just don’t think that Apple is what they still pretend to be – the Underdog:

I mean APPLE you become worse.

So my next phone will be not from Apple and ever since I owned an iMac a computer’s from Apple are out of the question anyway.

Apple my Ass

Posted by RGS   @   4 May 2010 1 comments
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