The brilliant double room circulator

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double room circulator

enclosed room circulisator

Not sure how you would use it but I would totally buy this gadget for the cause shown in image #2.

The double-circulator is more than an fan. The device doesn´t just blow the air into the room like any other ordinary fan. Instead it circulates the air in the whole room, so that there is a very nice breeze. That is more healthy than a fan directly aimed at your body. The air in the whole room appears fresher because of the integrated ionizer.

The double circulator allows you to use just one device per room and to aim it into two directions at once! The circulation requirements are met by 3 speeds. The double-circulator is not only suitable for use in the summer, but also during the cold season – as this device in the winter, gets the heatevenly throughout the room. This improves your heating and reduces the heating costs.

More info: Double Circulator

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Aug 14, 2010
7:35 pm
#1 yoyo :

Hey! Where can i get it? i want shipping for internetional

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