iPhone contract fulfilled – please unlock now!

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I hate apple

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john koetsier

My hate for Apple is growing – first it was a freaking nightmare to get an iPhone 3G (mostly because of Movistar) and now due to our new travel project I would like to use the iPhone in other countries without getting charged roaming (I mean, we are only going to be living in Spain 3-5 month a year).

Funny thing is – we paid off our phone, fulfilled our 18 Month contract and now please we would like to have it unlocked to pop in every attractive prepaid sim cards anywhere we go. In other countries it’s not a biggy, Switzerland or Germany for example. You call your carrier, they add your IMEI number to a database and within 24-48 hours you will see this when you hook up your iPhone to iTunes:

unlocked iphone itunes 

Nope not in Spain! When the first 3G phone contracts ended Movistar didn’t really know what to do with all the request and they actually did unlock phones but this apparently has changed.

In the store they tell you to call Movistar support – telephone support says NO you have to call Apple – Apple says go to the store and so on. After 15 phone calls we are giving up! They won’t unlock an other iPhone and that’s that. It’s not in their interest and in Spain nobody is forcing them (yet) to unlock iPhones.

I don’t know what they are trying to do? The phone now is mine and I want to use it with any other carrier!!! Why are they pissing me off? What do they get out of it? Nothing!

Well – I will never ever buy an other Apple product or send Movistar anymore business. That’s what they get! I’m sick of big companies treating us costumers this way.

So what to do now? Mike’s iPhone still runs 3.1.2 so we gave that phone it’s freedom but I have to wait for my iPhone until there is a 3.1.3 solution.

And for the future?  Buying a locked phone is a bad idea, especially if you are traveling a lot or just want have the freedom to choose from any carrier or prepaid card. Unlocked phones ( smartphones) are at first way more expensive but believe me you will save tons at the end.

Also Apple’s mobile phone operating system is a fine thing but ANDROID is growing slowly but steady (seems like I’m not the only one not being too happy with the iPhone).

If I would have the budget I would hammer the iPhone to death and make a nice HD Youtube video out of it and buy myself a nice HTC phone like this one:

Best HTC Android

More info: HTC HD2

Who else is frustrated with their iPhone situation?

Crappy Mobile Phones

Posted by RGS   @   9 May 2010 10 comments
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May 10, 2010
12:06 am
#1 Rauz :

Not sure why you blame Apple because Movistar sucks but fyi there’s a working jailbreak out for 3.1.3. I’ve used it on my 3GS and it worked just fine.


May 10, 2010
8:32 am
#2 RGS :

Hello Rauz,

Thank you for the link – i jb it with spirit couple of days ago but this doesn’t solve the unlocking problem. (Spirit make is suuuuper easy!)

As you can ready I mosly put the blame on Movistar but Apple is honestly no better. They control the database of IMEI. But they still send me to Movistar and say they HAVE to unlock it and then again Movistar sends me to Apple and so on.

Apple is no underdog anymore – they are as profit hungry as an other company and they are willing to not play it clean! I mean their FLASH censorship pisses me off so hard core. My device I want to put on it and use they way I want to. I don’t need their iTunes!

May 10, 2010
8:34 am
#3 RGS :

We have to boycot this: Report: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-20004509-37.html

May 18, 2010
8:41 am
#4 Paul :

I am not defending Apple in any way, but do your research when you make a post like this, due its all well not true.
Im the last who says that its time for Apple to have a good compettitor, because they need that. It’s healthy for a company. But that it aint happening sure isn’t the fault of Apple. Example, thay can’t halp HP and Microsoft have put their iPad awnser in the fridge.

1th, instead of buying off your contract, why not just jailbreak it? than you’re problem is solved. Or just slide the dataroaming slider to off, and put it on when you need it.

You start off that your hate for Apple is growing, but everything you whine about is Movistar?

You say: “Also Apple’s mobile phone operating system is a fine thing but ANDROID is growing slowly but steady (seems like I’m not the only one not being too happy with the iPhone)
You forget that ANDROID has multiple devices, and all cannot be compared with the performance of the iPhone due that is the power of the iphone… the os is made for the device and vice versa. As soon as there will be a company who makes a good device and an os designed for it, than we can speak of a competitor. Right now everybody is comparing all the cars in the world with 1 brand??? kinda strange isn’t it?

Mobistar needs to unlock it for you, they send in a request with Apple, Apple will reply, it is an automated system, so Mobistar is slacking big times here.

You don’t need their iTunes?
When you buy the iPhone / iPad you buy an Apple Product, not a phone, not a computer… an iPhone product. When you don’t want iTunes, don’t buy the product. Apple sells products which extends you personal computer so you have it with you. That is one of the core things why the products work, like the App store. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. This is a given fact, using itunes, so why bitch afterwards?

Well I could go on and on, but there is just one rule… People are ignorent, when you buy something or spend your well earned money…. get information first! There is no company in this world who is doing this all for us. NONE they all “need” to make money! So don’t think your’e special. It’s all about the cash. And if everybody “knows” what they are buying there would be allot less bitching.

Everything you stated in your post was information you could have known before you bought it.

May 18, 2010
8:55 am
#5 RGS :


I love comments like that – thank you! Your Avatar already tells me that you are just in love with Apple! Therefore anything I’m saying against APPLE will just bounce off with more hate.

If you would follow the link to where my Apple hate is growing. Also …. just flipping off roaming is not enough – I want to use a local prepaid card. Not sure if you ever traveled but using your iPhone outside of your country is expensive.

I’m saying that Movistar sucks but Apple suck equally! Why? You know why!

And I did know what I was buying – I only started bitching once my contract was paid off and they did not act the way they were supposed to.

Doesn’t matter – I just hate that Apple products are handled like the Holy Grail (have you upgraded yet to APPLE?) and I forgot to mention that whole iPhone 4 thing with Gizmodo:



May 18, 2010
9:10 am
#6 Paul :

Im not in “love” with apple, its just that your post is to “easy”. No feedback what so ever, besides the easy avatar comment.

Like your awnser, again no reply’s on my comments. But anyway…do I approve how apple handled the Gizmodo thing.. no not realy… Is it a hoax? Don’t know. What would I do when I was a major company and this information “leaked”… don’t know. Maybe I become a giant ass to.

Do I think Apple makes good products, yes I do. Like Philips, Sony. Why do I think that, because I “investigate” what I am buying. There for I am not disapointed. Clearly what you are due you have issues with the product which where known before you bought.

What I said, i’m not in love with apple, its a company, a business. The earn money and don’t care less about you or me. They just do what they think is the largens profit, and they do it good.

get your HTC, fine device btw. I’ve had it for testing. It’s a shame all the extra money you spend.

May 18, 2010
9:14 am
#7 RGS :

Of course I know Apple wants to make money and suppress free content (even though that’s rather new) and I did learn my lesson. To buy only a free phone (doesn’t have to be the HTC) which works with open source products ( by the way, a contract free iPhone costs about the same).

Again .. point proven that you are in love with Apple.

May 18, 2010
9:33 am
#9 Paul :

personally i can’t care less, flash, html5, css3, videotag.. whatever… I just needs to work.
I think that is what 90% wants, and 10% debates what Apple, MS and Google need to do.

Allthough i’ve seen the videotag and worked with it… man hit flashvideo right out of the park performance wise. Flash (adobe) should do what they are good in like Adobe Connect Pro. They can do awsome stuff with that, allthough they keep feeding the argument. No use realy… Google and Firefox will deside what becomes standard… not even Apple has much to say in that. If they want they have to start a webbased application that 50% of webusers will use… not going to happen.

And flash on iphone… i never needed it. Might some do I don’t. iPad… maybe. Could be. Allthough the construction with new flash websites has dropped like crazy, so we realy are only talking about Flashvideo… or people love the banners? haha

They just need to get rtpm streaming fixed and ready on html5… than flashvideo will bleed out I am affraid, or get the performance up and have 2 huge standards. But this way they won’t make it in the videobizzz

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