Blow-Up Daddy SFW

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Father And Son In Park With American Football

Raising a kid on your own? No daddy around? Don’t do that to your kid (I know how it feels to partly to grow up without having a daddy in the house)

Your Dad is your best buddy: the one you confide in knowing he’s always got your back. John will always break your falls, he loves to watch the game with you, barbecue, go to the gym, and chill at the beach. He’s the ultimate man’s man and even quite a ladies’ man as well. He’s the strong, silent type who really knows how to make you comfortable, especially as a pillow or flotation device. He comes without clothing so that you can personalize his style to fit your ideal family. He loves smooth jazz and hip hop, loves to golf and is made of high quality vinyl. Your Stupid new Dad stands at 60" and is NON x-rated (sorry Mom).

More info: Blow up Dad

Black Light Activated Bubbles

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