Give the Gift of Live Ladybugs

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Live Lady Bugs

Should put this on the lost of “Odd things you can buy from Amazon”.

Ladybugs prefer to eat aphids and will devour up to 50 a day, but they will also attack scale, mealy bugs, boil worm, leaf hopper, and corn ear worm. They dine only on insects and do not harm vegetation in any way. RELEASE: Ladybugs should always be released after sundown since they only fly in the daytime. During the night, they will search the area for food and stay as long as there is food for them to eat. The more they eat, the more eggs they lay and the more insect-eating larvae you will have.

Ladybugs may be kept in a refrigerator after they are received (35 to 40 degrees F.) and released as needed. Ladybugs received March through May should not be stored more than 2 or 3 days since their body fat has been depleted.

More info: Live Ladybugs

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