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Not too long ago I saw in a Germany TV program a show mentioning this electronic mosquito sting healer and I thought I should get myself one. Here in Spain it’s absolutely necessary to prevent stings or minimize the itch after it’s too late. Especially since our neighbor decided to hold turtles in this mosquito breeding baby pool.


They have two models, the mouse and the cobra (which you can see above in the pictures). You press the button wait until the green light goes on (heating up to 50 Celsius) then press the metallic field onto the sting and wait until the light goes off again.

The 50 Celsius are hot enough to desolve the poison and it will reduce the itch feeling right away and it helps the healing process. That temperature might be uncomfortable while you apply it but won’t burn or harm you and it’s a small price to pay compared to the itch feeling.

I can also see that this is very helpful to people who are very sensitive to mosquito stings and besides that it also helps with wasp, hornets and horse-flies bites.

And did I mention it really works!!!

So I wrote this company praising their product and told them that I would love to feature their product on RGS. They thought it was a great idea and are giving you a 1,50 Euro ($ 1.80) rebate!!!

if you use rebate code: itchy2010

AND – right now during the world cup 2010 they are having a special 5 Euro off offer. So if you order right now the Cobra (the one I have) will cost you less than 22 bucks.

No chemicals!!!

More information in English: Bite Away

Order it here: Bite Away

The basket itself is in German – they do ship world wide but are just overwhelmed by the huge interest by the German media right now and not have gotten time to translate the ordering process.

But it is fairly easy:


Press zur Kasse and it will lead you here:


Then it leads you to an other overview and click on “Bestellung abschliessen” to finish your order then a new page with “Jetzt bezahlen” click there and It will lead you to the paypal page.


If you have any question or need help with the order let me know. Why am I doing all this? I’m not really getting anything out of this but I think they are having a great new product and deserve worldwide press and it’s German engineering after all 😉

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Jul 1, 2010
4:12 pm
#1 Tom :

Ever thought about buying a bunch and then reselling to US folks??? I for one would buy a few.

Jul 1, 2010
6:18 pm
#2 Gurkenglas :

I just ordered on for the next kajak tour.

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