Pocket Radar Speed Measurer

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The police is normally gets you – but now you can get the police. Ready to write some tickets?

This handheld K-Band Doppler Speed Radar can measure speeds from 7 MPH to 375 MPH (or 11 KPH to 600 KPH if you’re in a country that believes in the metric system). You could use it for discovering the speed of boring things like baseballs or cars, but we know you better. We suggest clocking the speed of your cat running toward the can opener (18-31 mph) or the awesome first drop of your favorite roller coaster (up to 128 mph). Sadly, you won’t be able to clock the escape velocity of a neutron star (223,693,629 mph). Maybe with the next model. We’ll keep you posted.

More info: Pocket Radar

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