Travel Tea Bagger

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I just had my very first Mate and the idea of how I know to brew some herbs is quite different, so is this travel teabag.

Just as the best-tasting eggs come from free-range hens, the best-tasting cups of tea come from leaves that aren’t cooped up inside a stuffy teabag. Any teapot-fancier will tell you, there’s just no beating loose-leaf tea for taste, but portability is a bit of an issue. While we wait for someone to invent a flat-packed teapot, we’ll happily settle for the Tovolo Teago, which lets you brew your own loose-leaf tea absolutely anywhere.

Immersed in a cup of boiling water, this compact press will squeeze the full flavour from your favourite loose leaves. It also comes with a handy cap for keeping the drips away from your clothing or bag after use. Neat, portable and easy to use, it’s a must-have for any tea-totaller.

More info: Travel Teabag

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