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eco can

Honestly – I have only wanted to have a reusable can.

Wave goodbye to boring old tartan thermos flasks, this is the 21st century. That’s why style conscious planet huggers (course they exist) are using the Eco Can to keep drinks hot or cold on the move.

It looks like a regular tin can but this durable drinks container is made from biodegradable PLA (a kind of corn starch) which is infinitely kinder to Mother Nature than petroleum-based counterparts. That means you can drink on the go whilst doing your bit for the environment, a particularly satisfying feeling if you fill up with icy beer. ‘Urp…look at me, I’m shaving the enviromum.’

More info: Disguise Flask – Eco Can

Buenos Aires Blog

Posted by RGS   @   17 February 2011 2 comments
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Feb 18, 2011
12:45 pm

Doing my bit for the environment, drinking an icy beer from my biodegradable PLA Eco Can, I’m wondering, “What should I do with the non-biodegradable bottle (that’s stamped good to drink till 2013) that I bought the beer in, from the store?

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