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Weird Shoe Designs

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Playground Shoe

The Designer Kobi Levi has truly fantasy. These shoes might not be the most comfortable ones but the will surely draw tons of attention to your feet. Which one is your favorite one? I might go with the dog styled shoes. I have the strange feeling that these shoes are just objects of art and really supposed to be worn. Which is a bummer. Hey Kobi, where can we buy your pieces of Art?

Link: Kobi Levi

- Shoes For Only 1 Dollar

Banana Shoe

Chewing Gum Shoe

Doggy Style Shoe

Dog Shoe

Duck Shoe

Tucan Shoe

Swan Shoe

Market trolley 2

Mother Dauther Shoes

Nude Shoe

Olive Oyl Shoe

Sexy Blond Shoe

Sling Shot Shoe

weird shoes

Posted by RGS   @   5 August 2011 2 comments
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Aug 26, 2011
9:01 pm
#1 JR :

Fabulous, Kobi is the best in the world!

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