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Funniest Video on the Internet Ever!?

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This video with over 9 million views claims to be the funniest video on the Internet. Yeah funny and all but is that really the funniest one? So I started this funniest video blog entry and will be constantly updating it with your submission. Got a funnier video? Share with us! Just leave a comment or send me an email via this form. Really excited about your video. Can’t wait to be in tears soon!

Video Link: Grape Lady

- This is the most fun site on the internet

Here 4 submission by Noisiv:

Thank you Rob for sending in this funny video:

Posted by RGS   @   9 August 2011 2 comments
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Aug 9, 2011
11:29 pm
#1 Torge :

how is this video funny?

Aug 21, 2011
10:33 am
#2 Torge :

Haha, the dog is great!

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