Cylinder Wireless Computer Mouse

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To a user, holding this mouse feels holding a dry cell battery. On the front side are a left-click button and a mouse wheel. Generally, among mouse functions, the left-click button is used most frequently. With "kandenchi," the left-click button is perfectly positioned for operation with the index finger. The mouse wheel (for scrolling) is also perfectly positioned for operation with the middle finger. On top is the right-click button, where the metal cap (plus terminal) of a dry cell battery would be.

Although the shape of this mouse is quite unique, its operability is just as good as that of an ordinary mouse, enabling users to operate the mouse comfortably and smoothly without any unnatural twisting of the wrist. "Kandenchi" is compact, portable and space-saving; occupies only the space of a standing dry cell. Conveniently for use on a train or in any other small workspace.

More info: Cylinder Wireless Computer Mouse

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