Panda Balance Game

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Panda Balance

Don’t drop even once or you will be unlucky for the next 7 years or something.

It’s a like a panda festival at Ueno Zoo now that the new pandas have arrived, and to celebrate this new game has been released. Balance all the pandas on top of each other, on the panda tire to win. This by itself might be a challenge, to place the pandas you must use a pair of chopsticks! It’s like a crazy Chinese version of Jenga(c), invented by a Japanese toy maker. You’ll be surprised how much fun this simple game can be, especially since there are a total of 12 different pandas, each with their unique personality and pose. Comes with everything you need, including a pair of game chopsticks, but you can use your own lucky chopsticks too if you’d prefer.

More info: Panda Balance Game

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