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Really Strange Candy from Japan

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Where are currently in the process of deciding where we are heading next for our Travel Blog and after watching this video it just plain has to be Japan. I don’t know what it is, poisonous or how it tastes but I want it really really badly. What is it, Why? How? Awesome! Isn’t this exactly how we imagine how we eat in the future. Has the future come? Going to trash all the veggies and fruits just in case. I need to be prepared for my powder meal.

- Whole Beast Butchery

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Over 2500 unique products from Japan — click now!

Posted by RGS   @   29 November 2011 1 comments
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Nov 29, 2011
9:34 pm
#1 Bea Tanaka :

Wie geil ist DAS denn? Muss mal meinen Mann fragen, der ist von dorten, was das sein könnte…

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