Controlled Quantum Levitation Race

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This so futuristic I can’t get over it. Now just make it bigger, faster more green and not so freezing the the cars and we are talking about the way to get from A to Z in the future. I love how smooth and effortless it looks. When I think about it longer I want a Quantum Levitation EVERYTHING! My shoes, bed, table , etc. Life would be so cool! Now let me get back watching this video over and over again, dreaming what the future might bring or not.

Video Link: Controlled Quantum Levitation Race

A tool for a happier life

Posted by RGS   @   3 January 2012 1 comments
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Jan 8, 2012
8:42 am
#1 Someguy :

It’s a fake. It’s a viral for a videogame called Wipeout that’s coming for either the PS3 or whatever the portable version is.

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