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Super Man Pizza And Other Musings

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Super Man Pizza

I love Pizza, I can’t get enough Pizza but I’m on the verge of a Pizza overkill. Since we are in Palermo we never had more Pizza in our life (the best one so far, the stuffed crust pizza). The main problem is, after a huge pizza meal for dinner and some wine sleeping is really hard and I always wake up with dry mouth! Worse, I can’t fall back to sleep. Is there some kind of medication I can take like the Anti-Hangover Pill but for Pizzas?

Enough with pizza … enjoy this round of funny pictures on Random Good Stuff

-Get High Without Drugs?

Bacon Mug

Blocked XXX

Cool Skull

Creepy Sheep

daily_picdump_871_640_66Beer Opener

Diner Pony

Disco Lady

Drunk Traxi Napkin

Four Seasons Tree

Freak Train

fuky kitten

Goose Shoes

Haekel Hose

Laptop Fan Cooler

Lion Dog

Mc Donalds Car

Mirror Lake

Old School

Peeing Santa

Penis Light


Real Man

sexy kink

skittle burger

Sneaky christmas

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