My First Burger-Less Cheeseburger

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I would love share one weird food moment I had here in Sri Lanka. Well, we are here over 3 weeks now and we normally always eat local stuff like curries, Chinese are very common. But after 3 weeks I felt like having a burger. Which now taught me to order western food was a mistake.

Ok here it how it went down. So we went to this brand new opened restaurant in Anuradhapura. Everyone was super nice and helpful. I spotted the cheeseburger on the menu and my graving kicked. My decision was done and done. After an eternity I got presented this burger above. Not what I expected! I receive 3 buns, with lettuce, tomato (removed them, I hate them on burgers), onions and of course some slices of cheese… OF COURSE.

I called over the waiter asking where the meat was.. he answered rather confused … no meat, only cheese! I only ordered a cheeseburger after all.


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Posted by RGS   @   26 February 2012 1 comments
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Feb 27, 2012
7:16 pm
#1 William C Bonner :

I had an experience like that 30 years ago in Australia. It actually happened to my younger sister, and my mom was rather upset about it. I remember that my food was just fine.

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