Booty Beanbags

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Booty Bean Bags

From photos of that old rumpus room in your uncle’s basement to the wistful memories of listening to your first 8-track tape, beanbags are no longer confined to the land of memories and nostalgia. Sure, beanbags have been around – they’ve seen the death of disco and the rise of the internet – but they’ve also gotten better. After decades of being the most popular seat in the house, they’ve learned a few things and have shed their vinyl covered identities for something more stylish and comfortable.Booty Bean Bags offers hip, modern, and most importantly, comfortable bean bags that will fit into any room without looking like mom stopped by to donate some furniture.

As a new Booty Bean Bag owner, the first thing you’ll notice about your new piece of furniture is the stain-resistant microsuede cover in a color of your choosing. When the upholstery on your donated couch has been reduced to a pile of shredded fabric , that microsuede cover will still be looking like it just won the lottery.  Go ahead, touch it – you know you want to.

After admiring that handsome cover you’ll probably want to take the chair for a test ride. When you do, you’ll sink into plush, shredded memory foam that’s soft enough for chilling out in but supportive enough to keep you from rolling onto the floor when you doze off. Not only is this memory foam insanely luxurious, it’s also repurposed and environmentally friendly. So feel free to kick back and feel good about it.

Comfort and style – they’re two words that Booty Bean Bags stands by with all of their products. Whether you go for the single person occupancy Party Pillow or the more companion friendly Chofa for Two, you’re gonna feel good and look stylish all at the same time. Don’t be afraid to invite your friends over, because Booty Bean Bags like to party. So mix up a batch of cocktails and watch your friends’ faces as they realize what you’ve known all along: beanbags are back and better than ever.

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