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Woman Urinal And Other Musings

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Pee Hard

This finally opens the door for multi sex public toilets. Now the question to all the ladies is, would you use this? I can see it working out (maybe) when wearing skirts but what do you do when you are wearing pants? Drop them down to the ankles, or what? Just my personal note … please don’t do #2 in it! Pretty please! It’s not going anywhere when being flushed. Ah, look out for the partner toilet further down – Shake hands and all!

- LOL Gifs

bad breath

Asian Porn

bingo dog


Coca Cola History


Fish Photobomb


Gravity Girls

Korean Pizza

Meanwhile in Bolivia



Partner Toilet

Pirate Dog costume

Poodle Cakes

Private Shit

Small Dinner

Snake Earphone

Twisted World

VHS Poopser

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