What Phone Should I Get? Samsung Galaxy Note or the Galaxy S3?

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It’s time for me to get a new phone. I’m still using my super old iPhone 3G with a broken screen! The initial plan was to buy new phones when we are in Korea. Which turns out it just super hard as a foreigner. Everything here is very controlled and buying a phone here for me is just way too complicated. It has to wait until we are back in the USA.

Now .. no, I’m not going to wait for the new iPhone 5! No way and no thank you! I’m never going to buy an other Apple product again. The whole Fanboy behavior is so annoying to me. One of my highlights of a mall visit in the US is to visit the Apple Store .. RAGE! Man! I can’t stand it! Also the whole way how Apple/Movistar handled the unlocking case when I completed my contract and they were supposed to release my phone from the carrier lock so I can use it worldwide. I can’t get over it. Plus oh .. Apple the underdog and evil Microsoft comparison .. FUUUUUUUUUU! I think there is no other more evil electronics company out there than Apple right! They are censoring content for one thing! What right do they have?

Now enough with Apple!

My next phone for sure will be from Samsung. Main plus point is the fact that the battery is replaceable. Since traveling sometime in very remote areas I won’t always have the chance to recharge phones. So I can pop in a replacement battery without any problem.

Here are the two phones I would consider right now: The Galaxy Note and The Galaxy S3 

First off, I don’t like how plasticy both phones feel! This is really a turn off and I was really hoping that the Galaxy S3 would have had that ceramic casing a lot of people speculated.

I really love the sizes of both phones. They are both bigger than the iPhone 4 and being in Korea where almost everyone has a Note makes the iPhone look like a dwarf! I know a lot of people are laughing and joking about the the huge size of the Note but they have no idea! And I think the Note would look actually pretty good in my hands, since I’m almost 2 meters tall. I’m also drawn to the Note because I could easily use it as an eBook reader and I just love the protection cases they have for the note.. for example this one.

Now the Galaxy S3 is the latest Flagship phone from Samsung with has tons of new features, fast processor and is top of the line of the Android phones for now. But it’s over $200 more expensive than the Note.

What do you think what phone should I get? Seems like I ‘m tending more towards the Note… but hmm .. I’m just not sure!

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