Following The Foot Steps Of Prostitution In The United States Of America

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Whore of USA

What rhymes with Mining Towns? Well, yes .. Whores, prostitution and all kind of other skanky stuff like Buffalo Burgers for example. Now guess in what year the last brothels in Wallace, Idaho closed. Well, what do you think? Here is the answer 1988! Woot! So we visited this Bordello Museum in Idaho, the Ladies of the Night ran because the FBI showed up in town. There is even still the dirty dishes in the sink from the day they left. Neat! Ah and the Grand Dame of the house Madame Ginger was a avid Atari player!!!

But what I don’t get … prostitution still exists all over the US. I think it needs to be legalized, regulated and the ladies have to pay taxes as well. It’s the oldest profession after all.

Many more pics: Bordello Museum in Wallace Idaho



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