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Cool Stuff For Halloween 2012

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Woah! Yes it’s the the spooky time of the year again. Here in Idaho we are already feeling it. Haunted mills, corn mazes and amusement parks. Woah! Let me run! Hold on no!! I’m circled by Zombie’s …  Now … too late. Oh, it was just a dream. My phantasies are running wild today. I don’t want to bore you any further but below you will find some fun (stupid) Halloween costumes, décor, gadgets to make Halloween 2012 the best Halloween ever!

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Anatomy Man Costume

Anotomy Costume Man

More info: Anatomy Man Costume


Instant Tuxedo

Instant Tuxedo

Find out more about the: Instant Tuxedo


Freddy Glove

Real Freddy Glove

More info: Freddy Clove


Two Story Inflatable Cat


Click For Giant Meow Info


Zombie Arms Reaching


Link: Zombie Arms


Open Brain Head


More info: Open Brain Headpiece


Eye Socket Kit


Find out more here!


Ghost Hunt Game


More info: Ghost Hunt Game


Super Evil Hot Gummi Bears


Link: Super Hot Gummi bears


Angry Bird Pilot Costume


Look Silly Link: Angry Bird Costume


Rottentail Costume


EWWWW Link: Rottentail


Viking Beard Hat

Viking Beart Hats

More info: Viking Beard Hat


Zombie Wine Labels


Link: Gross Wine Labels

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Posted by RGS   @   21 October 2012 1 comments
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Oct 28, 2012
7:09 am
#1 Sofia :

these look awesome, so creepy!

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