The Galaxy S3 Copy And Paste Problem (CRASH)

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2 month have past since I purchased my new baby aka Galaxy S3. I’m still very happy with is BUT there is a bug with some of the SIII including mine. It happened now twice. At one point Copy & Pasting stops working. It first locks the the application I wanted to copy from (Gmail, Map, Texting) then black screens and the app crashes. C&P is super important and as you know it’s a function you would use every single day, hour, minute using any kind of smartphone.

The first option is to factory reset the phone. Of course not before you took backups. I used Kies to backup! Big mistake it crashed during the re-install and only half of my stuff got re-installed. So annoying.

The other option is to wait until the Jelly Bean update is finally available or if your device is rooted you can do following:

1. boot recovery (CWM) > advanced > wipe cache
2. reboot phone > Root Explorer > delete /data/clipbord/*
3. reboot recovery again > advanved > fix permissions
4. reboot phone > it’s fine


The issue is now a topic in the forums for over 2 month. It affects a decent amount of people but Samsung hasn’t done anything yet. No fix or software update. Very frustrating.

This makes me want to root and install a clean ROM without all the Samsung BS!

Do you have the same problem?

Well … soon the Galaxy Note 2 will be ordered Smiley! But will do the same thing … just want to get rid off the Samsung Touchwiz Interface!

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