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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2012

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Woah! It’s this time of the year again. Let’s the shopping frenzy begin. Not too happy with what some retailers are trying to do this time year. Early Black Friday Door Busters?! WTF? Why! Give us some peace please. And also the workers need some family time as well without having to go to work after they stuffed themselves on turkey. Talking of .. how was your Thanksgiving? Burp! Zwinkerndes Smiley!

Ok … now! Below you will find inspiration for your wish list and ideas what people to give this year. In case there is nothing you like, check out the gift guides from the past years: 2008  – 200920102011 !

And if you are looking for a crappy gift for people you hate! Check out our 1 Dollar Bargain Auction Bin!

Glowing Bugs Candy

Glowing Candy

Click here for more info


One Whole Tentacle Arm


More info: Tentacle Arm


Freaking Brandy Pipe


Info: Brandy Pipe


PotatOS – Science Mash

Potato Science Kit

More info here


Baby Dumbbells

Baby Dumbbell

Link: Baby Buff


Sauerkraut Maker

Fermantaition Pot

More info: Sauerkraut Maker


Outdoor Heated Cat House

Heated Cat House

Click here for more info


Laser Tag Shirt

Light Sensitive Shirt Art

More info: Laser Shirt


Bed Bug Cocoon

Bed Bug Caccoon

More info here: Bed Bug Cocoon


Goggles Umbrella


More info here


Bubble Bacon Soda

Bacon Soda

More info here: Bacon Soda


Workout Silverware


More info: Workout Silverware


Cozy Earbuds

ear buds kitting kit

Link: Cozy Earbuds


Lego Statue Of Liberty

Lego Statue of Liberty 

Info: Lego Stature Of Liberty


Latch Hook Kitty Portrait

Latch art cats

More info: Kitty Latch Hook Portrait


Security Boxer Shorts

Young male underwear model.

Click here for more info


FOB Watch


Link: Fob Watch


Good Sponge / Evil Sponge


More info: Sponge Set


Star Trek Door Chime

Star Trek Chime

Link: Star Trek Door Chime


Pet Earthquake Bag


More info here


DIY Zombie Action Figure

DIY Zombie

Buy here!!!

Mittens Of Love

Mittens of Love

More info: Mittens Of Love


Earworm Headphones

A real Ear worm

More info: Earphones Headphones


Electronic Fish Bowl

Electronic Goldfish

More info: Electronic Fish Bowl


Wine Fountain Glass


Link: Wine Fountain Glass


Quad Table Tennis

Quad Table

Link: Quad Table Tennis


Asimo Robot Costume

Asimo Costume

More info: Asimo Costume


Balloon Animal Bookends

Cute Bookends

Link: Balloon Animal Bookends


Dragon Ear Wrap

Dragon Ear Wrap

More info: Dragon Ear Wrap


Ball Looper


Link: Ball Looper


Bladeless Mini Fan

Bladless Mini Fan

Link: Bladeless Mini Fan


Strawberry Pincher

Strawberry Pincher 12

Link: Strawberry Pincher


Biggest Mug Ever

World Largest Coffee Mug

Click Here For the Biggest Mug

Row Boat Salad Bowl


More info here


UFO Cookie Jar

UFO Cookie Jar

More info: UFO Cookie Car


Puppy Stapler

Blue Puppy Stapler

Link: Puppy Stapler


Blender Alarm Clock

Blender Alarm Clock

More info: Blender Alarm Clock


Wolf Warrior Puzzle

Wolf Puzzle

More info: Wolf Warrior Puzzle


Beer Holster Belt

Beer Holster

Link: Beer Holster Belt


Paper Eyelashes


Buy it now: Paper Eyelashes


Remote Controlled Trolley Car


Link: RC Trolley


iPhone Mega Horn

Mega iPhone Horn

More info: iPhone Mega Horn


Rainbow Pencils + Cloud Eraser

Rainbow Pencils

Link:  Cloud Eraser and Rainbow Pencils


Digger Paperweight

Cool Digger Paper Weight

More info: Digger Paperweight


Bizarre Magnetic Jewelry


Link: Magnetic Jewelry


Magic Tap

Mgic Tap

Link: Magic Tap


Zero Gravity Fridge Car

Zero Gravity Fridge Rover

Link: Zero Gravity Fridge Car


Heat Sensitive Stars & Stripes Mug

Stars Stripes Mug

Link: Stars & Stripes Mug


Froth Maker

Froth Maker

More info: Froth Maker


Easter Chick Clips

Easter Clip Chicks

Link: Easter Chick Clips


Fork / Knife Combo Tool

Knife Fork Combo Kit

Link: Fork / Knife Combo Tool


Escape Preventing Dog Collar

Escape Preventing Dog Collar

More info: Dog Trapped Collar


The Phone Vibrator

Phone Vibrator

Link:  Phone Vibrator


Mini Hard Disc

Super Cute Minid Hard Drive

Link: Mini Hard Disk

DIY Twin Lens Camera Kit

DIY Twin Lens Kamera Kit

More info: DIY Twin Lens Kit


Social Media Sticky Notes

Social Media Sticky Notes

Link: Social Media Stick Notes


Zombie Bottle Opener

Zombie Bottle Opener

Link: Solo Bottle Opener


Crashed UFO Statue

Crashed UFO Statue

Link: UFO Statue


Zombie Sleep Mask

Zombie Sleeping Mask

Link: Zombie Sleep Mask


Toy Clean Upper

Link: Toy Clean Up Bag


Child Tumbler

children Puke Machine

Child Tumber


6 Fun Tents

Sex Tents

More info: Fun Tents


Fancy Cable Minder

Fancy USB Cable Minder

Link: Cable Minder


Fruit Bird Feeder

Sweat Beak Birds

Link: Fruit Bird Feeder


Boobie Creamer


More info: Boobie Creamer


Super Fast 3.0 USB Drive

More info: Super Fast 3.0 USB Drive


Personalized Action Figure

Personalized Super Hero Figure

More info: Personalized Action Figure


Flameless Grill Smoker


More info: Flameless Grill Smoker


Smiley Face Jewelry

Signs Jewellery

Link: Smiley Face Jewelry


Bacon Jam

Bacon Marmelade

Link: Bacon Jam


OMG Necklace


More info: OMG Necklace


Digital Retro Typewriter

Real USB Type Writer

Link: Digital Retro Typewriter


Drunk Wine Glasses

Tipsy Wine Glasses

More info: Drunk Wine Glasses


Black Toothpaste

Black tooth paste

Link: Black Tootpaste


Kids Batman Raincoat

Kids Batman Raincoat

More info: Batman Raincoat


Bacon Gravy

Bacon Gravy

Link: Bacon Gravy


Glory Hole Sticker


Link: Glory Hole Sticker


Fill In Powder

Fill in Bold Powder

Link: Fill In Powder


Chocolate Scented Phone Case

Chocolate Scented Phone Case

More info: Chocolate Scented Phone Case


Bike Rearview Monitor

Bike Rearview Camera

Link: Bike Rearview Monitor


Arcade Ponchos

Aracde Poncho

Link: Arcade Ponchos


Portable Drink Cup Holder

drink clio

Link: Portable Drink Cup Holder


Book Straps

Free Book Binder

Link: Book Straps


Picnic Wine Glass Holder

Steady Wine Sticks

Link: Picnic Wine Glass Holder


Pizza Slice Plates


More info:  Pizza Slice Plates


Travel Axe


Link: Travel Axe



Flying Hovercraft

Link: Hovercraft


Genitals Hand Soap

genitals hand soap

More info: Genitals Hand Soap


Glasses Digital Camera

Dooche Bag Cam

Link: Glasses Digital Camera


Floating Pretzel


Link: Floating Pretzel


Hello Kitty Wiener Cutter

Hello Kitty Wiener Cutter

Link: Hello Kitty Wiener Cutter


Flip iPhone Case

Flip iphone Case

More info: Flip iPhone Case

Foldable Electro Bike

Folding Electronic Bike

More info: Foldable Electro Bike


Slicey The Pig

Slicey The Pig

Link: Slicey The Pig


One Handed Bottle Opener


Link: One Handed Bottle Opener


Shark Pet Bed


More info: Shark Pet Bed


Fist Koozie

The Beast Koozie

Link: Fist Koozie


Zombie Hat

Zombie Hat

Link: Zombie Hat


Tentacle Doorstopper

Tentacle Doorstopper

More info: Tentacle Doorstopper


T-Rex Hunter Trophy

T-REX Trophy

Link: T-Rex Hunter Trophy


Breakfast Earbuds

Breakfast Earbuds

More info: Breakfast Earbugs

Grass Flip Flops


Link: Grass Flip Flops

Laundry Soap For Men

Laundry Soap For Men

Link: Laundry Soap For Men

Beekeeper Suit

Beekeeper Suit

More info: Beekeeper Suit

Glow In the Dark Mushrooms

DIY Glow In The Dark Mushrooms

Link: Glow In The Dark Mushrooms

Water Balloon Launcher


Link: Water Balloon Launcher

Electric Skates


Link: Electric Skates

Safe Kitchen Timer

Safe Kitchen Timer

More info: Safe Kitchen Timer

Personal Microbrewery

Home Microbrewery

Link: Personal Microbrewery

BBQ Boat

BBQ Tent

Link: BBQ Boat

Lab Test Game

Lap Test Games

More info: Lab Test Game

Single Cup Java Maker

Single Cup Java Maker

More info: Single Cup Coffee Maker

Pirate Clock

Pirate Clock

More info: Pirate Clock

Thermometer Paper

Temperature Paper

Link: Thermometer Paper

Sliding Door Colander

CoLander With Trap Door

Link: Sliding Door Colander

Pizza Cone Maker


More info: Pizza Cone Maker

Solar Power Generator


Link: Solar Power Generator

iPhone Fan

Iphone Fan

Link: iPhone Fan

Drain Pet Restroom


Link: Drain Pet Restroom

Shwing Shoe Wings

schwing wings

More info: Shwing Shoe Wings


Three In One Breakfast Station

3 In 1 Breakfast

Link: Breakfast Station

Caramel Apple Maker

Caramel Apple Maker

Link: Caramel Apple Maker

Airplane Window Frame


More info: Airplane Window Frame

Circus Letter Lights

Circus Letter Lights

Link: Circus Letter Lamps


Gran Piano Teacher

Kids Learn Piano

More info: Grand Piano Teacher


Death Star Tea Bag

Death Star Tea Maker

More info: Death Star Tea Bag

Nano Block Phone Docking Station

Nano Birds

Info: Nano Block Phone Docking Station

Anteater Vacuum Cleaner

Anteater Vacuum

Link: Anteater Cleaner

Tape To iPod Converter

Tape to iPod Converter

More info: Tape To iPod Converter

Chalk Trail Bike Attachment


More info: Chalk Trail Bike Attachment

Glass Fish Straw

Fish Glass Straw

Link: Glass Fish Straw



Link: Flyshooter

Sushi And Egg Scarf

Nom Scarf

More info: Sushi And Egg Scarf

Indoor S’Mores

Indoor Smores

Link: Indoor S’Mores



More info: Qwirkle

Brain Candle

Brain Candle

Link: Brain Candle

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