Galaxy Note 2 Tridea Leather Flip Case

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Galaxy Note Best Flip Case

I’m on happy camper now! After playing with the Galaxy S3 for almost 4 month… I got myself the new Galaxy Note 2 (international version). I loved every second of the Galaxy S3 but since I have have the Note 2 I could never go back. I love the size, display and the over all feel of the phone. I don’t understand people complaining about it’s size. Playing now with Mike’s S3 I can’t believe how small that screen is. Not to mention how tiny and useless the iPhone 5 feels. Ah .. and did I mention the Galaxy Note is SUPER FAST! And even though I thought I don’t have any use for the SPen .. I catch myself with the pen in my hand almost every single time using the phone.

But owning the phone I always wanted is one thing but even more trouble is finding the perfect case and protecting screen. For the screen I decided to go with Spigen Ultra  Crystal! Doesn’t take away quality from from the display and the SPen works perfectly on it.

I had a harder time to chose the right case. I wanted a flip case but there wasn’t any selection back then when I ordered the phone. There was nothing. But on the day I was ready to order Rearth made a whole bunch of cases available on Amazon. I still was very very skeptical since none of the cases had any reviews!

Well let me tell you … the Rearth Tridea Italian Leather Cases are awesome. They fit perfectly feel and looks incredible. And I love the Credit Card Pocker. It’s just me, the phone and the plastic cash traveling the world! Check out the video below.

More info: Rearth Tridea Flip Case

Flip Case Galaxy Note 2

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