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Awesome Flip Case For The Kindle Paperwhite

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We got ourselves one of those Kindle Paperwhite eReaders. Since traveling so much we gave up on logging around a bunch of hardcovers and are opting now for the electronic kind. You probably know I have a fetish for gadget cases! And I just can’t have a gadget without having it neatly packed up and protected.

Above is a picture I have decided on. It’s super high quality, fits the eReader perfectly and just feels great in the hand. It has a little magnet snapper, which apparently has no influence on your screen. So in case you drop it … the flip cover won’t open up!

Watch the video below!

I highly recommend this Kindle Paperwhite Flip Case

And yes, we already loaded it up with many free eBooks from Amazon available here: FreeBookSifter

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Posted by RGS   @   17 January 2013 1 comments
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