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29 April 2016

BB-8 Floor Lamp

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BB-8 is the driving merchandise bait due to the recent Star Wars movie. And I’m not surprised. It’s just so darn cute. So why not decorate your house with this beauty?

This BB-8 Life-Size LED Floor Lamp stands 28 1/2″ tall and casts light on your subject of choice, whether that’s …

19 February 2015

Clay Pattern Circle Dance Video

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Sorry for the title but I really couldn’t come up with anything else to describe this mesmerizing video. It goes very well with the famous Painting On Water video on Youtube. But I might even find this video more fascinating. I kind of want to start doing these clay patterns, …

16 February 2015

Installing the Oneplus One Bamboo Back

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I must have kissed a unicorn in my dreams. First I scored an Oneplus One invite (that was before they offered invite free orders on Tuesdays) and shortly after someone pinged me if I was still looking for a Bamboo Cover Invite. Emm, yes! I claimed it right away, ordered …

12 February 2015

Body Part Candles

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You better hurry and get yourself a nice body part candle set before the candle season part one of 2015 is over. I haven’t explored ETSY enough in the past but this will change now. Got some good ETSY findings? Let me know but in the meantime while waiting for …

9 February 2015

Your Personal Handheld 3D Printer

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I can’t wait to 3D print my first car.

This is the only pen that creates three-dimensional plastic drawings. Instead of releasing ink, this pen extrudes warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, allowing you to create three-dimensional freehand drawings. Artists can download blueprints of a 6″-tall Eiffel Tower, a napkin holder, …

8 February 2015

Peel Wall Light

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Neat effect. Now I wish there would be a away to hide the cable.

The Peel Wall Light by YOY is a strikingly original way to illuminate a room. The lamp fits into the corner of your wall and looks like the light is coming from behind the peeling wall paper. …

5 February 2015

The Tesla Car Airbnb

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I just recently wrote about my Favorite Airbnbs but I’m not sure if I would add this property. Mainly I’m not sure if I even fit in the trunk! But I have to compliment this owner. The nights help to pay off the car (not sure if anyone stayed there …

29 January 2015

Levitating Designer Lamp

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Boom … squirt! That was your brain … mind blown!!!

This is the lamp with a rotating shade that floats in mid-air above its base. The disconcerting desk lamp creates a physics-defying gap between the base and shade that may perplex guests and amuse the owner, who knows its secret. A …

19 January 2015

DimeMond = The Diamond In A Dime

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This would make a very nice tip in a restaurant. The waiter would be at first like .. HE .. Cheap Butt! But then he/she realizes it. This real US currency has been legally altered with permission of the US Mint. DimeMond was designed in 2004 by artists Tobias Wong …

17 January 2015

Meet The Treadmill Runner

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Now I call this multi-tasking. But you can tell that he is super concentrated. One wrong hit on the drums: RESTART. One wrong step: BROKEN NECK! Check out the Treadmill Runner’s Youtube Channel. He has several different songs he is drumming while running.
– Travel Photographer Tumblr Blog

16 January 2015

Retro Arcade Wristwatch

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Forget Smart Watches! This will get you the attention.

Its face enclosed by a miniature cabinet that bears all the nostalgic design elements of its full-sized forebears (including a non-functioning joystick), this watch pays homage to the space battle games that once lined the walls of arcade parlors.
Continue Reading: Arcade Wristwatch
–Watches …

15 January 2015

The Beer Crate Slide

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Are there any crates of beer in the US. I keep thinking but I think not, or? I can recall kegs and 24 packs and such but a crate of beer? I would say almost every beer drinking German has one of those at home. And one of those bottles …

13 January 2015

Super Fast Street Marking Painter

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Wow, how do you learn to do something like this. I guess .. practice, DUH! Now I would like to know who the guy was following this guy around doing his super fast and exact paint work throughout some kind of Italian city. Was the painter annoyed or did he …

11 January 2015

Wifi Kettle

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For a moment I thought this kettle fills itself up with water … oh well. Still pretty cool!

Perfect for making your wake-up coffee or your ‘just-got-home-from-work cuppa’, the iKettle comes with a soft touch rubber handle, a filtered spout and an auto shut-off function with boil dry protection. Easy to …

9 January 2015

Selfie Toaster

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My guess is it doesn’t have to be a picture of a face … hmmm interesting!

A subject‘s full facial details are converted into twin stainless steel inserts, allowing its heating elements to brown light or dark likenesses of the subject onto one side of toast, removing any question as to …

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