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28 May 2012

Zombie Hat

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Zombies, Zombies! They are never going out of fashion. Now zombie, put an other hat an so you don’t under-cool your brains. Oh .. yeah, you are already dead. So it doesn’t matter too much. But we warned wearing this Zombie hat. You might get shot by some kind of …

26 May 2012

Michael Jackson Cotton Candy Man

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Who would have ever guessed that making cotton candy can you get laid. This dude is a creative, a talented dancer (maybe doesn’t have the looks) and is raking in a lot of dough. This equals into being super successful and being a interesting person. Which equals getting laid every …

19 May 2012

Foldable Electronic Bike

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ALMOST fits in a regular handbag .. almost!
This is the electric bicycle that folds in half, ideal for commutes and storage at work or an apartment. Folding around its integrated battery compartment, its front half collapses against its rear half while its front unifork folds into the frame, creating a …

19 April 2012

Kids Batman Raincoat *Cool!

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Not fair! What about adult sizes? HELLO! Also available as superman (including a cape, of course)
Superhero raincoats are made from all natural rubber and waterproof polyurethane on the outside with a soft, 100% cotton lining. In addition, a detachable cape make it easy to clean off the grime from a …

18 April 2012

The Cat Bridge Of Terror

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I always wanted to blog this following sentence. This cat is some kind of pussy! For real! Just watch this video. But I do give that cat some credit. Perfect example of easy problem solving. That cat evaluated the situation. Gave …

24 March 2012

Melt Metal With Your Pure Hands

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This is the coolest anti stress toy ever. Also good for when you are trying to stop smoking. You will be melting metal in your hands all day without even thinking about lighting one of those smoke sticks up. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!
99.99% Pure Gallium Metal in 10 gram quantity. …

14 March 2012

Super Fast Apple Peeling

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I call this a super fast and talented Apple Peeler. Not wasting too much apple on the peel. I bet and I’m pretty sure he is a wonderful and fast potato peeler as well. Now what did he do with the apple. Sad thing is we will never find out. …

18 February 2012

Wolf Warrior Puzzle

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The Howling Wolf T-Shirts got so popular that at times you couldn’t even find one if you wanted to buy one. Let me take it even further with the Wolf Warrior Puzzle which ads awesomeness to every room once you are done with the puzzle. Now, how many wolves can …

13 February 2012

Self Leveling Pool Table

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Am I seeing this right or am I drunk? This table adjusts itself so it always stays leveled for undisturbed pool playing fun. I really would like to see when the table gives up. Or maybe that table can handle giant waves after all. At rough see I would just …

12 February 2012

Alien Cookie Jar

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Aliens go Om Nom Nom! Looks cool in every apartment and adds instant retro to your place.
Nobody would even dare to steal cookies from our UFO Cookie Jar?  Theses outer space creatures are keeping your cookies safe in their spaceship!  The alien’s eyes even light up to ward off any …

3 February 2012

Balloon Animal Bookends

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Squeaky and cute – invite these rather strange bookends into your library. They are house trained, don’t eat much and are a great conversations starter. They don’t  only look good between your books but also great in your shelf in your room, kitchen or on your dashboard in your car. …

26 January 2012

Asimo Robot Costumes *Cool!

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Really sad that Halloween is so far in the future because this costume is the must have for everyone just being slightly geeky. I imagine a whole army of them invading the streets programed to hunt down the best candies. Dressed up as the Asimo Robot also opens tons of …

20 January 2012

Bowl With Electronic Fish

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Feel lonely? Let the little fishy cheer you up.
Playing with your new Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl is super easy. Put fresh batteries into the top, push the base decoration into the bowl, fill the bowl with water, and put the top back on. Tap the top and the fishy …

3 January 2012

Controlled Quantum Levitation Race

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This so futuristic I can’t get over it. Now just make it bigger, faster more green and not so freezing the the cars and we are talking about the way to get from A to Z in the future. I love how smooth and effortless it looks. When I think …

2 January 2012

Start Your Own Legoland – First Piece: Statue Of Liberty

Post Thumbnail of Start Your Own Legoland - First Piece: Statue Of Liberty

Not coming cheap though …. you have to put down almost 5.000 Bucks!
There are small LEGO sets, there are large LEGO sets, there are even very large LEGO sets. And then there’s the LEGO Statue of Liberty. It features a daunting 2,882 pieces and a graphic guide book to show …

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