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26 November 2012

Pixel Head Costume

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Yeah .. would be also an easy DIY Project .. oh well! Just buy and you won’t have to mess with paint !
Don’t try to paint straight lines; get a Minecraft Mask instead! These masks were produced by 8-bit robots in our very own factory in the Nether. (Why yes, …

7 October 2012

May I Introduce Rapper Krispy Kreme To You

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Two days ago (or so) I watched my new favorite show TOSH.O and there he was Krispy Kreme and he changed my life. Plus Krispy Kreme thinks I’m cute. It’s OK Krispy Kreme I think you are cute too. Is he for real? I think nope but KK is s …

29 September 2012

Super Moonwalk

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Wouldn’t it be fun to take walks like this? Up and down the shopping mile, giving Zero F**** what’s in the window displays. This way you would even safe tons of money and you can cover a much bigger area. A lot of people seeing this video say it’s a …

23 August 2012

Magic Red Scarf Dance

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Yes, still alive! We drove 3 days out west to our next 91 Day Travel Blog location which is Idaho. What a road trip! Best part of the journey was a visit to the Yellowstone Park. We had 4 hours there! CRAZY! We could easily have spend full 3 month …

24 July 2012

Rainbow River Aka Stream of Blood

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Great names to describe this lake but it is really called Caño Cristales and is located in Serrania de la Macarena, Colombia. To me that river doesn’t look very rainbowy but rather like a stream of blood. Well, you can find yellow colors as well but doesn’t really live up …

11 July 2012

iPhone Fan

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Not talking about an Apple Fanboy … no a real FAN!
The iPhone Dock Fan from TalmeTM.. Plugging into the docking port of your iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad which would be rather unwieldy to use), it taps into the iOS device for the juice needed to keep it powered. …

6 July 2012

Morphing Soldiers

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Look at this Eye Candy! All that without any cheap computer tricks but the work of precise humans. Now little soldier, focus and concentrate because you don’t want to be the one who messes up this performance. Not sure what would happen to that soldier. Just so you know that …

12 June 2012

Safe Kitchen Timer

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My kitchen is my treasure!
A professional thief like Parker deserves an appropriately-themed kitchen timer, don’t you think? The Safe Kitchen Timer looks just like locking mechanism of a traditional, combination-style safe. Of course, Parker was cracking these when she was just a little girl, but it’s the thought that counts. …

4 June 2012

Green Grass Flip Flops – Must Have This Summer!

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They look super comfy!
Love the feeling of bare feet on freshly mowed grass?  These grass flip flops can give you that feeling anytime, anywhere. With a quiet nod to the "down under" culture that brought the first flip flops to the world, KUSA takes the everyday flip flop and adds …

3 June 2012

Breakfast Earbuds

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Couldn’t resist to chew on that bacon earbud!
Start your day off right with our hearty Breakfast Earbuds & Cord Wrapper!  Includes bacon and eggs earbuds and a bowl of cereal cord wrapper to keep things tangle and mess free.  These are the most important earbuds of the day! Compatible with …

2 June 2012

10 Scary Contact Lenses for Your Next Special Event

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Whether it’s for a Halloween party, a costume party, or a fun experience with your friends, nothing can support your new identity better than scary contact lenses. Today’s safe, easy- to-wear contacts can transform anyone from a normal human being into a freakish ghoul, a terrifying alien, a blood-thirsty vampire, …

2 June 2012

T-Rex Hunter Trophy

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Best thing about this hunter trophy: You don’t have to travel back in time to get yours!
Hunters and fisherfolk are always bragging about their latest trophy kill. You caught a 22-pound largemouth bass? Big deal. We bought 22 pounds of fish at our local fishmonger and we didn’t have to …

28 May 2012

Zombie Hat

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Zombies, Zombies! They are never going out of fashion. Now zombie, put an other hat an so you don’t under-cool your brains. Oh .. yeah, you are already dead. So it doesn’t matter too much. But we warned wearing this Zombie hat. You might get shot by some kind of …

26 May 2012

Michael Jackson Cotton Candy Man

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Who would have ever guessed that making cotton candy can you get laid. This dude is a creative, a talented dancer (maybe doesn’t have the looks) and is raking in a lot of dough. This equals into being super successful and being a interesting person. Which equals getting laid every …

19 May 2012

Foldable Electronic Bike

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ALMOST fits in a regular handbag .. almost!
This is the electric bicycle that folds in half, ideal for commutes and storage at work or an apartment. Folding around its integrated battery compartment, its front half collapses against its rear half while its front unifork folds into the frame, creating a …

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